No Longer Cooped Up

Yes, we are no longer cooped up.  All Cooped Up is now All Sold Out.    Lucky roosters.  The quilting hens have bought them out.  Cluck, Cluck. 🙂

Now that we are no longer Cooped Up, Kim is busy working on the measurements of Beach Walk, a new BOM by McKenna Ryan.  We want to make sure the suggested cuts will work for the customers.   Once we have worked through the 9 patterns, we’ll be able to price it and make it available for sale.

I fell in love with the gorgeous printed cottons by McKenna Ryan that are the main focus of this program.  Matter of fact, there are very few batiks and bali’s used in this program.  And it is no where near as complicated as In Full Bloom.  This soft seaside quilt absolutely took this prairie girl’s heart.  I knew we had to offer it.  There must be other prairie girls in town that are dying for a seaside retreat.


2 responses to “No Longer Cooped Up

  1. Elizabeth Rogers

    Linda, I was wondering, if this quilt is available as a kit, with the recommendations from Oct 18th email, including the backing, what would you charge and is this something you would do for me. Thanks Liz

    • Hi Liz,
      We are not cutting this program as a full kit for a few reasons. First of all, I doubt it would be very efficient with the fabric this way, as there are some pieces you only require a tiny square of, and in a kit you’d get an entire width of fabric. Further, with the Beach Walk monthly BOM kits, we are cutting some of the backgrounds so they match the pattern’s design, versus just giving yardage and letting the customer figure out how to cut out the designs needed for the various blocks. This is easier explained with the fabric in front of me, so if you would like me to show you the fabrics and how the designs match the patterns, please let me know. As well, by getting the packages monthly, all the pieces are labeled as to their position in that month’s design.

      So in summation, I believe it would be to your advantage to enroll with the BOM program, and if you want to pick up more than one per month, and we have them prepared, then you can do so. The full cost over the 9 months is $332.91. Backing would be $48.97. Total is $381.88CDN.

      Let me know if you have any further questions Liz.

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