Globe and Mail Article, “Quilting has taken over my family”

Happy New Year Everyone!  We’ve been back at the store now for over a week, after closing for the period of December 25-January 1st.  It’s always wonderful to get that break.   Helps refresh the soul!

On the 5th, The Globe and Mail published a wonderful article on quilting.  I have a hard copy hanging on the kitchen cupboards at the store, but here’s the on-line link to this article.  As I was instructed, so shall I also instruct you:  Be sure to read to the end!



2 responses to “Globe and Mail Article, “Quilting has taken over my family”

  1. Oh Oh – the secret is out!! Our local store quilt retreats have expended from 3 days a week to 4 days a week. I live in a 2 bedroom home with no basement. When I started quilting I dedicated 2 shelves in the laundry room for my stash, projects etc. That was 5 years ago. The quilting and fibre arts supplies/stash have now expanded to the guest room closet and 2 dressers, my cloths closet upper shelves and floor and a shelving unit in the crawl space below. Not that I want to open a quilt shop, but I do wish to get the little gremlins under control before I have to move out to make room. This reminds me of my mother. Thanks for the article.

    • Oh yes, Susan, most of us have this problem of the quilting bug taking over the house. Over Christmas break I set up another table in my space so I could have two machines open and ready for action. I love the new set up, and was lucky that it fit! My quilting space is my hubby’s and my bedroom. Or should I say, we sleep in the quilting room. LOL, Linda

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