12 Days of Christmas Wishing – December 3

On the Third Day of Wishing,

My true love would give to me:  3 hooting owls.”

Not french hens.  Anyway, Toni Whitney hasn’t designed a french hen pattern.  But she came out with a trilogy of owls.  We’ve kitted all of them with the pattern, and fabric for top and binding.

Mellow Meadow

By the way, when we were at our old location, we had a stand of old poplar trees near the back parking lot.  One day we had a visitor and Linda B. took this picture.  Can you see her?

I’d like a new mouse pad.”

Do you often find that you don’t have a piece of note paper when you are at the desk?  Sure, there are some people who keep all their notes on the computer, but most of us still jot down phone numbers, addresses, and appointments quickly on paper. 

P.S., If you’re still thinking you still might want three french hens instead of owls, decide after you’ve seen a picture at this link:   http://www.free-jokes-online.com/thumb/funny-animal-hen.jpg .


2 responses to “12 Days of Christmas Wishing – December 3

  1. Ok so I saved the newsletter from October 26,2010 because it had very useful information on mitered binding for angles other than 90°. esp for table runners etc. I open the blog and it’s current!!! What a laugh thinking it would wait for me? Is this info stored someplace anymore so that I can print it out?? Please

    • Hi Gloria,
      Just click on the October 2010 Archives on the right hand side and you will be taken to that month’s posts. You can then click on October 26 on the calendar and it will take you to that specific post.

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