12 Days of Christmas Wishing – December 4

On the Fourth Day of Wishing,

I’ll tweez my hair away.”

So you aren’t wishing too big to start with.  But you can tweez away in style with these lovely ladies to help you with your personal grooming.  These ladies were going to be last year’s help, but proved so popular that most were gone in an evening.  So here we are 12 months later, with a new circle of friends.

I’d like to make a portrait quilt.”

You’ve probably seen some beautiful applique portraits and looked at books that help you to learn how, but do you feel daunted with trying to find the right skin-tone fabrics?  Well, we now have the entire line of Northcott’s Colorworks Premium Solids.  Using them and a few other solids we had brought in, we have made up a bundle of sixteeen different hues, cut in Canadian-sized fat eighths (approximately 10” X 21”). 

I’d like a small Christmas wall hanging.”

Make this 20″ X 26″ wall hanging as part of your decorations for Christmas.

Hey look, it’s snowing!  And you can make the blog snow fall in the direction you want – just move your mouse.  You just can’t make it go back up.  LOL
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