Once a Fashion Sewer, Always a Critic

It’s the evening of day forever of this miserable cold I have, which means I spent it on the couch in front of the TV watching the Grammys.  I’ve never watched them all the way through before, but luckily for me this year, Bruce Springsteen came out and looked real good.  Between the familiar entertainers, the regular explanations of the not-so-familiar by Xon 1, and the fashion,  I was enlightened musically and got to see some nice dresses. 

 Now the fashion was the dessert of the evening.  Many lovely coloured cream puffs and swirls of lace.  But was I the only one who couldn’t believe the silver snake going up Adele’s back when she turned from the mike?  I quickly googled “Adele’s Dress Grammys”, and sure enough, the fashion critics were swooning over her gown.  I’m thinking to myself, “Did you not see the back of it?” 

 What happened with this dress?  Did the designer run out of invisible zippers?  Couldn’t they at least have found a black zipper that wouldn’t glint from the stage lights like a jeep’s headlights shining on an army surplus sleeping bag?

 In case you missed it, here’s the link to the slink (fast forward to the 1:15 mark):


Seemed to be a fashion faux pas to me, but perhaps my tin can of old invisible zippers are rare and worth money.  Or maybe those 1940’s era zippers that our customer Julie was recently given are now “it”.  (Hey Julie, call Armani and make a deal girl!)

 I guess I should get off my soapbox, but this is the kind of thing that happens if you’ve ever sewn your own clothes.  You actually think about how the clothes look, how they should be fitting, and how they could be better.  Nowadays, anything goes.  And if you are buying off the rack, expectations are MUCH lower.  Heck, I know that I don’t care about the length of my pants or the cuff on my jacket like I used to, and am certainly not one to talk.  But a professionally designed dress?  I guess I’m not missing out on as much as I thought I was. 

 Obviously, I need to get back to work, where I’m usually too busy to notice or care about these things.  Sniff, sniff, whine.

(Adele, I love your songs, you fully deserved every win, and you looked gorgeous, darling.  And I’m not wanting to rain on your parade.  But you might want to ask Lady Gaga for some black nail polish to paint on that zipper.)

Tomorrow’s Headwhiner: 
Orange Lace and Black Underwear:  For Goodness Sake, Fergie!  Borrow  Red Riding Hood’s cape from Nicki.


16 responses to “Once a Fashion Sewer, Always a Critic

  1. Ha Linda, I thought the same thing about that zipper, I think it’s a new fashion, because I’ve seen it before, but really???

  2. Linda, like you I thought it was an accident. Perhaps the dress had been a bit tight so they needed the seam allowance. At least Lady Gaga looked almost normal for a change. Looking forward to tday’s bolg.

    • Oh Linda, that is too funny. Almost a little catty – meow!
      As for Lady Gaga, you’d think she would have removed the netting just to have an unobstructed view for the evening. There she was trying to line her pupils up in between the grid. She is probably the only person who can relate to the feelings of naval oranges.

  3. according to the HErald it was a “Vintage dress” so it probably has one of Julie’s original zippers! I agree it looks tacky but maybe only sewers notice??

    • Well, “vintage” would explain it. And yep, probably only sewers notice.

      • I’m not sure that even vintage covers it. When we learned to sew, that zipper was covered with a placket – even all of the ready-to-wear! I could understand it if the zipper was meant to be an emblishment, but it certainly didn’t look like it to me! On the other hand, she’s gotten a lot of attention from us and just due to the “look” of the zipper in her dress!!! LOL!!!

      • No kidding Christy! We won’t forget her!

  4. Too funny Linda! I am with you on the zipper. I also watched the grammy’s for the first time in years as I am …sick.
    cough, cough, sneeze, sniff and whine

  5. Linda,
    I totally agree with you about the zipper and that is the first thing I thought of when she turned around, they could have put a Black/invisible zipper in that dress.
    As for Fergie’s dress, I thought it would have looked much better if she had on nude/beige undergarments. …..just my thoughts 🙂
    Also a first for me, watching all of the grammies. Usually watch bits and pieces.

    • Susan, I completely agree with you on Fergie’s dress. It would have been more titillating to have had a nude lining, as most people wouldn’t have realized it was there. Rather Cher-esque. The black underwear was just trashy.

  6. Vintage….??? I don’t buy it. Never saw a actress, singer or model with such an ugly zipper….maybe they meant Vintage Punk. Or just maybe some designer has a desire for fame and talked beautiful Adele into thinking this big black snake is so ‘Avant Guard’ that she will rock the Grammy’s in her daring dress. Adele, fire that designer, he isn’t thinking of you or your beauty by giving you such a tacky dress.

    • Amen. And while you’re at it Adele, please realize that you are beautiful, and could wear dresses that are much more flattering for a young lady such as yourself. You won’t have a beautiful neckline forever, so take advantage of it now.

  7. Oh, am I with you, Linda. I get so tired of “too tight dresses”, unmatched stripes, plaids, etc. Has good design, dressmaking/tailoring gone out of style? I tried to get one bound buttonhole put on a jacket a year ago (because I was too lazy to do it)—no luck! I finally paid big bucks to have a machine buttonhole!

    • You hit the nail right on the head. Good design, proper fit, and expert tailoring went out the window – about the time everybody wanted cheap instead of chic. Clothes now cost on average less than they did in the 1980’s. One more generation won’t even know what a bound buttonhole is, and our kids already don’t know how to hand hem a pair of slacks.

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