Give it your best shot!

Here’s looking at you babe,

Do you recognize the quilt this is from? Or know who the quilter is?

(I’ll reveal all later, but take give me your best guess now – serious and funny!)


6 responses to “Give it your best shot!

  1. Roxanne Nelson
    Ruffled Feathers

  2. Karen Macpherson

    Roxanne Nelson Ruffled Feathers Quilt

  3. Karen Macpherson

    not sure if I did the first one right or not. But I am fairly sure this is Ruffled Feathers by Roxanne Nelson. Are you going to tell us you have a class planned?? Hope so!


  4. This looks like Roxanne Nelson’s quilt “Ruffled Feathers”. Is she going to teach a class?

  5. I know Jane Dutton will say it’s hers, LOL! I think it must be that dude who did the cardinal sitting on the pine branch quilt, but I can’t remember his name. Maybe that’s a clue for another commenter.

  6. I think the quilt was made by a crazed maniac who was desperately trying to get rid of all her scraps…her name? Ms. Idona Havealife.

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