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Strip Poker at the Lodge

Wow, the weekend retreat is woefully over, but the fun lives on in the photos.  Here’s a catch-up of Day 2-4 of the customer retreat out at North Bow Lodge.

To start with on Friday, Alice finished her quilt using the strips she won a couple of years ago at the retreat, with a pattern from one of the Strip Therapy books by Brenda Henning (which was a gift to the participants that year).  She was determined to be ready and caught up in case she won this year!  The unwritten, unenforced rule is that if you win, you need to make a quilt with the strips – preferably by next year (but nobody really gets tied up about any of it).

On Friday night we had our first game of strip poker.  There were a few newbies who had to get initiated, but it didn’t take them long to learn.  Here’s a simplified version of how it works:  Along Came Quilting donates eighty-four 2½” strips of batiks, so each person receives 7 strips.  There are 3 dice that are marked dot, center, right, and left.  You roll all three dice if you have in your possession 3 or more strips.  Each die represents what you will do with a strip. 

A dot means you keep a strip.
A center means a strip goes in the pot (and it never comes back out).
A right means you give a strip to the person to your right.
A left means you give a strip to the person on your left.

When you have less that 3 strips, you only roll the number of dice that correspond to how many strips you have. 

When you have no more strips, and the dice have passed you without your buddies on either side giving you any, you are out of the game.

The last person with strips left win them all.  As you can imagine, with 5.33 meters of fabric at stake, the game gets interesting and the crowd gets rowdy. 

So here is a picture of Friday’s game.  Carol thought she’d get lucky if she wore the strips.  But Gitte showed her up by winning the bowlful.

By Saturday, Margaret put a spell on the game by chanting to keep the strips in the possession of the Couch players.  She mentioned a few things about shaving and hockey and winning, and boy, did that work!  Kathy On-The-Couch won the bowl that night. 

Lots of projects were worked on, but I’ll finish off with a picture of Caroleigh’s spinning lone star.

Who can just imagine how many men are thrilled with this blog posting after Googling and finding this version of strip poker.  Yes gentlemen, you see the smiles on these faces.  It only takes 2½” of the right stuff.


Day 1 of Customer Retreat at North Bow Lodge – What a Show Stopper!

It’s our first day here at North Bow Lodge and in the first hour, Cindy P.  stole the show and gets full bragging rights for the rest of her life with this jaw-dropping piece of air-brushed art:

The front.

The back

The side

The other side

Have you figured out what this is?  Sure isn’t a quilt, is it! 

Cindy’s son air-brushed the hard case cover of her Phaff sewing machine as a gift to her.  She told him she loved the imagery of this well-known movie (which I am not giving the title to, as I don’t need Mr. JC thinking I am capitalizing on his brain child), and her son put in hours and hours of work painting this for her.   And he doesn’t even do this for a living!  This is his hobby — hard to believe, eh!  Amazing talent.