12 Days of Christmas Wishing – December 3

“On the Third Day of Wishing,

 I’d love to sip and sew.”

Most people like to have a beverage while they are sewing, but often there is little room on the table, making it risky business having your drink right next to your sewing project.

This new product not only holds your beverage, but provides an accessory bag for your sewing items. 


  • Rubberized head screw-on style of clamp can accommodate up to a 3” depth of table.
  • Holds a beverage container up to a 4” diameter.
  • Accommodates mugs as it has a 7/8” cut out for the handle.
  • 7 ½” deep bag on front can hold your sewing tools, such as scissors.
  • Bag can also be used for disposal of your sewing threads and fabric bits.  Easily removes for emptying.
  • Made from heavy gauge powder-coated metal.  I can’t see this breaking.
  • Great for any hobby enthusiast with limited room on their working surface – scrapbookers, woodworkers, stamp collectors, etc.
  • $26.99

 Found on our website at:

Making sure your sewing hobby doesn’t crimp your beverage consumption
(or that your beverage consumption doesn’t crimp your sewing hobby),



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