12 Days of Christmas Wishing – December 5

“On the Fifth Day of Wishing,

 I’d love a thread stand.”

It’s wonderful when you can find a functional item that is also beautiful.  And for those of you who have discovered that using cones of thread for piecing is much less expensive than spools, this item may be for you.


  • These thread stands can be used for cones, or spools that require some taming distance (i.e., invisible thread).
  • 3 different styles of flowers.
  • Made from recycled steel.  The stand won’t topple over, creep across the table, or break.
  • Finished with a heavy automotive clearcoat.
  • Has a place for bobbins.
  • Handmade, so each is unique.
  • Comes assembled.
  • Stands from 11.5” to 13.5” tall.
  • Will outlast all the cones you will ever use.
  • $56.99

Found on our website at:

Sara:  http://webstore.quiltropolis.net/stores_app/Browse_Item_Details.asp?Store_id=487&page_id=23&Item_ID=13812

Laura:  http://webstore.quiltropolis.net/stores_app/Browse_Item_Details.asp?Store_id=487&page_id=23&Item_ID=13813

Barb:  http://webstore.quiltropolis.net/stores_app/Browse_Item_Details.asp?Store_id=487&page_id=23&Item_ID=13814

And, of course, we also sell thread!


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