Walk About – My Avoid About

In case you thought otherwise, let me admit that quilt shop owners also have Unfinished Projects – even when they are store samples and the kitting of that store sample.

I started the Walk About quilt three years ago, based on an even older line called Gotham by Benartex. I loved the fabric, so I wanted to do the sample personally. It was very quick to make; I worked on it at a North Bow Lodge retreat. And Jane, who did my quilting, got it finished up pronto too.

Then in May 2011, I worked out the kitting requirements. One month later, we moved the store. I then played months of catch-up from the move. After that, other kitting of samples staff had worked on became the priority. Finally, last week I could revisit the project, and Barb just finished cutting and packaging the kits today. The quilt is hung and I feel complete relief. That was a big marble in my jar, even though the project was simple.

So here’s a picture of my Avoid About:


And a picture of the back, in which I used a panel in the center.


What a relief!


4 responses to “Walk About – My Avoid About

  1. Well done, I have many avoid about quilts in the works [hanging my head in shame].

    • Maybe that’s why we are gardeners – we are often looking down. Which turns into another avoidance tactic – did you see the color of that gentian? Goodness, I love short plants. Maybe I really am an alpine gardener. What was that project I am supposed to be working on?

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