12 Days of Christmas Wishing – December 7

“On the Seventh Day of Wishing,
I would like some hand needles.”

It isn’t always easy to know what size of hand needle you will prefer to use in your stitching.  So Jeana Kimball of Foxglove Cottage put together sampler packages.  Each package is for a different type/purpose of needle and within it is one needle per size.  It allows you to try the different sizes to see what works best for you.  Each package is $2.49 and below are the four sampler packages we have:

Straw Needles

Straw Needles

  • Best known for use in hand applique, the straw needle has a narrow shank that glides easily through several layers of fabric. The eye of the needle is punched within the shank; it does not hesitate at the eye when pulled through fabric. The needle is also useful for basting, hand piecing & applique.
  • Package contains 4 different sizes and further explains the construction and use for each size.
Sharps Needles

Sharps Needles

  • Sharps needles are best known as “all purpose” hand sewing needles and are also sometimes referred to as “Applique” needles. They are longer and finer than the Betweens/Quilting needle. Sharps are also shorter and finer than Straw needles. Some prefer Sharps needles for simple mending tasks, others like it for hand applique and still others prefer to use Sizes 8 and 9 for hand quilting.
  • Package contains 4 different sizes and explains how each may be used.
Betweens/Quilting Needles

Betweens/Quilting Needles

  • Betweens needles were designed specifically for hand quilting. More specifically, they were made for the traditional hand quilting done at a quilting frame or hoop. When using the traditional “rocker” method of hand quilting, the needle’s short shank provides easy control. The Betweens needle is thicker than other needles, giving it added strength for moving through a quilt’s multiple layers. Equally small quilting stitches are possible with any size of Betweens needles. Make your needle choice based on its comfort in your hand and your ability to thread it.
  • Package contains 5 different sizes.
Embroidery/Redwork Needles

Embroidery/Redwork Needles

  • To meet the specialized needs of decorative stitching, the Embroidery/Redwork needle is longer than other needles. Its eye is also customized for embroidery. Two or three strands of thread, flattened between the fingers, fit easily through the elongated eye. This selection of needles varies in size for use in many different embroidery projects.
  • Package contains 5 different sizes.

“I need a new seam ripper.”

The Seam-Fix seam ripper has been very popular in our store, and we have had positive feedback from those that have purchased this new brand.  They now make the mini size, which we have featured below.

Seam-Fix Mini Seam Ripper

Seam-Fix Mini Seam Ripper

  • Special ball on cap helps remove the excess threads from the fabric.
  • Comes in purple, pink, and lime green.
  • Click here to watch video.
  • $3.99 each.

Wishing you more stitching than ripping,

The fine print:

  • Click on the item’s picture to find it on the webstore.
  • All prices referred to are in Canadian dollars.
  • We happily ship world-wide.
  • Quantities are limited of some of our products.  Early shopping = happy faces.
  • Sorry, no holds on featured products without payment.

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