Myrna’s Wedding Star

Another Stampede winning quilt we current have hanging in the store right now is Myrna M.’s Bali Wedding Star.  This is a Judy Niemeyer pattern.  This quilt glows where the colour pops.


I don’t think the picture really does the colour justice.  Perhaps because this is a big quilt, the camera couldn’t capture all the nuances.  If you click on the picture, you can get a larger image.

Myrna took a 2nd place ribbon.  Congratulations Myrna!

Along Came Quilting
6432-1A Street SW
Calgary, AB  T2H 0G6
403-253-4419, 1-877-745-6445


2 responses to “Myrna’s Wedding Star

  1. I’ll add my congratulations. This really is a beautiful quilt. I saw it in the shop and it caught my eye immediately. The colours have a lot of life and work together so well to create an amazingly lovely whole.

  2. Wow what an awesome quilt. Congratulations to Myrna!!

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