12 Days of Christmas Wishing – December 3

 “On the Third Day of Wishing,
I’d like to Roll the Gold .”

There’s a newer brand of rotary cutter blades on the market.  We have been using them for the past few months here at the store, and really like them as we feel they stay sharper longer.


  • Titanium nitride coated steel blade extends cutting life.
  • 45 mm size only (most popular size).
  • This brand works with most popular rotary cutters.  We use it on Olfa, Clover, Fiskars, and Kai at the store.
  • $15.49 for a 2-pack.  (The single Clover blades are $7.99, so this is less expensive than regular steel blades.)
  • These are also available in a 10-pack for $61.99.  Click here if you would like to see the 10-pack.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling
Don’t want to stop what you’re doing,
Got to keep those cutters moving.

Want to hear Frankie’s verion?  Click here.


The fine print:

  • Click on the item’s picture to find it on the webstore.
  • All prices referred to are in Canadian dollars.
  • We happily ship world-wide.
  • Quantities are limited of some of our products.  Early shopping = happy faces.
  • Sorry, no holds on featured products without payment.

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6432 – 1A Street SW
Calgary, AB  T2H 0G6
toll-free:  1-877-745-6445




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