Pat’s Home Tweet Home

We ran McKenna Ryan of Pine Needles’ Home Tweet Home as a Block of the Month a couple of years ago.  One of our customers, Pat K., wanted to make hers larger to give as a gift to her sister.  She brought it in this summer to show us, and allowed me to take pictures to share with you.  (I meant to post this then, but didn’t actually click the “publish” button.  What a bird brain!)







As always, if you click on the picture, you can see it enlarged.

Didn’t Pat do a fabuous job!

Linda Goh
Along Came Quilting
6432 – 1A Street SW
Calgary, AB
T2H 0G6











2 responses to “Pat’s Home Tweet Home

  1. This is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing, Pat! I collected this BOM also, but have not yet begun it. I couldn’t quite make up my mind whether to go with the quilt or with the individual stretched canvas wall mounts. But I really like your version. And it is lovely to be able to see your stitching up close. Fabulous indeed!

  2. Thanks for sharing, beautiful work! Theresa

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