Printed Fabric Production

Awhile back I had posted links for videos on the making of batik fabrics.  Well, I found an Avlyn production on the printing of regular cotton quilting fabric.  I was surprised at the amount of processing the fabric must go through before it even has the designs screened on.  Most fabric mills used for quilting cottons are in Korea, Japan, and China.  This is a 17 minute video – perfect for break time.  And don’t let the “Batik Man” title confuse you off; this really is about regular printed fabrics, not batiks.

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2 responses to “Printed Fabric Production

  1. Valerie J Reed

    Wow! I had no idea of the many steps involved. I wonder if they treat the waste water before disposing it?

    Val Reed

    Sent from my iPad


    • Val, I don’t know anything about how the waste water is handled. I would guess to say that it is dependent on the country where the mill is located. I will be shortly posting more on the batik production on this matter. Linda

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