It’s a Journey of Discovery

First of all, you’ll need to watch this four-minute video to understand my comments that follow:  Creative Bug’s Kaffe Video

In this video, I found many of Kaffe Fassett’s ruminations resonated with me. Particularly his reference to textiles, “The only sad thing, when it’s finished, all the potential is gone . . .. All of a sudden it’s finished; it is what it is.”

Brilliant. I believe for some customers this is why they sometimes are not as happy with their finished piece as they could be. There is nothing wrong with their quilt top – it is lovely, sometimes stunning, but they are not joyous; perhaps they just seen more potential in it than could be packed in.

As Kaffe says, “Let’s go on to the next one and make it better.” And for some people, they really thought one creation is all; they were only planning for a single project or two in their life, not a journey. And that is what all handicrafts and art is – a journey of discovery if you want to be fully gratified with the process of creation.

Linda Goh
Along Came Quilting
6432 – 1A Street SW
Calgary, AB  T2H 0G6



4 responses to “It’s a Journey of Discovery

  1. Thanks Linda for posting that video. Yes, I think it is more about the whole process and journey than the finished pieces for me too. It’s the excitement and experience of picking fabric to getting it home and petting it, then making time to read the pattern, cut the fabrics. Getting ready for a class, seeing the picks come together as maybe I imagined, then changing my mind, being open to possibilities. When it’s all finished, it is what it is. And sometimes I have to visit it 3-6 months later to truly appreciate my genius (in my own mind). It’s like visiting your past self and saying, “Dayam, that’s not bad, and that was fun!” And I think about the experience of the whole exercise. I try to remember that when I’m creating new pieces, that this is the part I’m supposed to be enjoying. Great blog today! Alison C.

  2. Kathleen Lindsay

    “The Circus is not Enough”! That made me light up a glow with appreciation. I do like the bright colours and Kaffe certainly does glowing brights, doesn’t he? But I like the notion of going pale and soft as well, as long as those pale soft colours still have life. For me, it’s the life in the colours and the life they pull from one another that provide the ‘awe’ factor and leave me fully satisfied.

  3. It’s about the journey. It’s about the potential. That pretty well sums up the passion of crafters and those passionate about life. Thank you for sharing this Linda.

  4. Susan McClure

    Thank you for sharing this video. He could not have said it any better, for me. When I was a young girl, in school, I drew, colored, imagined, planned and lived designs, colors and concepts. I sometimes go back to that feeling of how freeing that can feel. But the spirit never forgets and, that is why I quilt.

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