Spring Bouquet – A Big Ta-Da!

In 2013 we ran Spring Bouquet by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts as a Block of the Month with pre-fused, laser-cut applique pieces.  Everyone got to pick their own background, and many people chose dark backgrounds, instead of a light one as the original quilt was done with.

Jacqui K. brought in her finished quilt today for us to see.  She had chosen a very dark brown batik for the background, and used fancy stitches from her sewing machine to sew the pieces on with various silk and rayon threads.  She quilted it herself and the quilting added so much dimension to the piece.  Below are pictures we took.  I thought everyone should see her Ta-Da’s!  If you click on the pictures, you ‘ll get a larger, crisper image.




DSC_0662-2 DSC_0665-2 DSC_0660-2 DSC_0659-2

Jacqui said she wouldn’t let herself get distracted with another project until this one got finished.  She kept her eye on the goal, and I’d say she won the game.

Linda Goh
Along Came Quilting
6432 – 1A Street SW
Calgary, AB  T2H 0G6















2 responses to “Spring Bouquet – A Big Ta-Da!

  1. Kathleen Lindsay

    Ohhhh! How beautiful! Thank you for sharing and I love being able to click on each photo to really see the detail.

  2. What a beautiful quilt! The work is unbelievable, very very strikingly! Thank you for sharing.

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