FriXion Pens

FriXion pens have been sold by many quilting stores as the answer for marking your quilts.  I never trusted them; never sold them; and am very thankful that someone – Jenny Lyon – took the time and did some serious testing of them and published her findings for all the quilting world to see.

Click Here to Read Her “All you need Know” Post about them.

There is also a clickable link in this post to previous postings she did about these pens.  For anyone that marks their pieces or their quilt top, this is worth reading.  The comments are also good.

I’m still loving the .9mm ceramic lead marking pencils.  There are few manufacturers of these, Dritz, Bohin, and Sewline are ones we carry under this department in our online store.  I would always test the coloured leads on white before using them to mark a quilt top, but I have extensively used the white lead on dark fabrics, and it marks a very fine line that completely washes out.  The white lead also erases very well with the eraser provided on the pencils.  We frequently have one on the front counter for our customers to try.  If you are in next and don’t see it there, please ask about it.

Linda Goh
Along Came Quilting
6432 – 1A Street SW
Calgary, AB  T2H 0G6



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  1. Thanks Linda! Haven’t used them, won’t try 😀. Theresa

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