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Sewing Machines 101 and Servicing


Psst – We know a man named Allan.  Now Allan is a very good man to know as he services sewing machines.  No matter what brand, Allan is the fixer/servicer guy-who-knows-what-is-going on.  That is his main business – servicing machines.  Sure you can also buy Babylock or Bernina machines and accessories through him, but his magic with understanding any machine is fabulous.  And since he actually sews and quilts as his hobby, he knows what you are expecting the machine to do!

Have a machine you want serviced?  Well we can fix you up with him.  He operates out of Red Deer, but has made ACQ a drop-off, pick-up joint.  You bring your machine to our store, and we will let Allan know it is here.  When he is back in Calgary, he will pick it up and have it back to us in approximately 2 weeks.  Typical servicing without additional part requirements will range from $100-$130.  And he will contact you directly with any concerns.  Your dealings are with him, and nothing goes through our till.  Have any questions you would like to ask him first?  If so, call him at 1-403-309-2774 or email him at

Sewing Machines 101 with Allan

Now while we are on the subject of sewing machines, I know just how few of you really know much about them.  Sure you know how to change stitches, thread it, and wind a bobbin.  But customers and students are often frustrated with their machines, complaining about their tensions, thread breakages, and multiple other “everything was fine until I came back from lunch” scenarios.  Here’s the test – if you started sewing tonight and had issues with your thread breaking, do you know what to do?  Would you just pack it in and say you have to get it serviced, resigning yourself to no more fun for awhile?

Taking 2 hours on Saturday, September 17th and learning how your sewing machine operates and how to maintain it can save you lots of anguish and exasperation.  Consider it your “driver’s education”.  In this class, Allan will cover:

  • Basic sewing machine lingo.
  • How to perform basic maintenance on your machine.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot problems with your machine.
  • Learn the differences of needles and which needle to use for the purpose and fabric/thread being used.
  • Learn how to adjust tension and bring tension back to base.

Register by calling our store at 403-253-4419 for one of the following 2-hour time slots on Saturday, September 17:

  • 10 am-12 noon
  • 1-3 pm
  • 4-6 pm

The price is $35.  Bring your machine just the way it is – no cleaning or servicing ahead of time.  And remember, this is non-denominational – any brands, any age – we aren’t going to be trying to talk you into a new machine.

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New to our class calendar this fall, are SEWtorials – a tutorial in our classroom without the sewing machines.  Beginning September 14th and continuing every Wednesday at 10:30 am until the end of November (12 weeks), you will be guided through a new project by either Kim, Leslie, or Linda B.  Each project will be a surprise and while a few will be Christmas-themed that you can use as gifts, others will be fun, unique items for any occasion.  Bring your notebook and friends, and the coffee will be on.  And as everyone loves show and tell, don’t forget to bring your finished (or nearly finished) items to share.  Sessions are likely to finish before noon.

Tickets for these SEWtorials are available in advance for only $3 for each date ($2.86+GST), and, if desired, may be purchased by phone at 403-253-4419 and held for you at the store. The ticket may then be redeemed on the day of the demo toward any purchase of $9.99 or more (before tax).  Please see ticket guidelines below.

Jot us in your calendar and call us today at (403-253-4419) for your tickets.

Linda Goh

  • Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable.  If you are unable to attend, feel free to send a friend in your place.
  • ACQ is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.
  • Ticket is only good for the date purchased and may not be transferred to another date.
  • Ticket may only be redeemed on the date of the demo (not saved to use on another demo day).
  • Only one redemption per customer per date please.

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New Class Schedule


When I was a young child, my grandmother received mail from her Arkansas friend every few months.  It was her last link to home, and inside would be a letter, newspaper clippings, and Li’l Abner cartoons whose humour was beyond my age.  But one letter held a very unique dried up cotton boll on a stem.  I guess it was to remind my grandmother of her southern heritage, but as a child I didn’t ask.  Instead, I was fascinated with the plant that my mother explained represented the beginning of the cotton that we wore.  I never forgot that cotton boll; in my hand was a beginning to my love affair with indoor and outdoor plants and then full-scale gardening.  Ironically, quilting became the other hobby of choice and now my work.  A seed of cotton; a seed of knowledge.  Everything has a beginning.

This September we begin our new class schedule which runs to January and we are hoping you will find with us a new beginning in what we have to offer.

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