Worry-Free Browsing

Ok, this is not super exciting, no quilts are involved, and there aren’t any pretty pictures. But it is important work that I thought our customers should be aware of.

One of my many hats that I wear includes website work. A few months ago we migrated to a new website. A slightly different look with a few new features. And we’ve always had a secure shopping cart system on our website for customers to use without worrying about submitting their personal information when placing an order. But now, after a few magic days in front of the computer, our entire website is “https”. The “S” at the end of the “http” stands for “secure”, and it means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted. It is now safer and more secure, even when you are just browsing. When you are using the internet browsers Microsoft Edge or Chrome, you will see the lock or green lock respectively.

So that’s it. Nothing flashy. But better for you.

Want to check it out?

Linda Goh
Along Came Quilting
6432 – 1A Street SW
Calgary, AB T2H 0G6
Toll-Free: 1-877-745-6445
Local: 403-253-4419


One response to “Worry-Free Browsing

  1. Looks good! And I really appreciate the secure browsing. Some beautiful items coming in, I see. I’d better make myself one of them…. Hah!

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