Student’s Work from Roxanne Nelson’s Class

Last November we had a show and tell of the student’s work from last summer’s class of Pictorial Quilting with Roxanne Nelson.   I thought you may like to see how Roxanne can lead a group of newbies to success. 

Suzanne S.'s foxy eye

Suzanne S.’s foxy eye


Suzanne S's fox.

Suzanne S’s fox.

Val H's Inukshuk

Val H’s Inukshuk

Ann P's parrot - up close.

Ann P’s parrot – up close.

Ann P's parrot.

Ann P’s parrot.

Sandy W's fence up close.

Sandy W’s fence up close.

Sandy W's fence.

Sandy W’s fence.

Karen Mac's bird.

Karen Mac’s bird.

Laurie J's pansy.

Laurie J’s pansy.

Bev. Mac's cabin.

Bev. Mac’s cabin.

Gwen W's cat.

Gwen W’s cat.

Belinda H's. dog.

Belinda H’s. dog.

I don’t want to spoil Roxanne’s reveal to the world of her lastest piece, so I’ll only give you an eyeful:

Roxanne's newest piece.

Roxanne’s newest piece.

Roxanne is graciously teaching this class again this summer, starting this coming week.  It will again be so exciting to see what everyone works on. 



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